Handwerk + Form

We appeared on this design exhibition in cooperation with Oberhauser & Schedler Bau GmbH in Bregenzerwald, Andelsbuch, Austria. We joined with Diaméter group as well and created this “monolit” concrete structure where we developed recessed concrete switches and sockets to these super fine fair-faced concrete walls.

Bones and concrete

Toothpick holders

Concrete Passages About Closeness and Coldness

A poetic photo series about relationships is moulded into a unique book and a special edition set in a thin concrete slipcase. Gábor Kasza photographer worked over two years on the book “Concrete Passages About Closeness and Coldness… and a Couple of Songs” He created a photo-book with a special coherence of theme, design and form; the intersection of these create a whole new piece of art.

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