Meet the very first
full-concrete switches and sockets.

They are of silicates only, just like stones, rocks and sand are forms that compose the surface of the Earth. They have a substantial body, weight, density, a natural roughness to their surface. They feel real.

Touch the Earth!

A light switch is an object we touch innumerable times. Yet, small and trivial as it may be this object is one we are almost constantly in contact with, and as such it very much does affect our body and consequently our soul. We are aware of the tiny but accumulating impacts of the things around us, and believe that a day in and day out encounter with objects that consist of minerals, silicates, lime, of the same components that make up the surface of the Earth, have the power of truly elevating our existence.

Akin to the wall these objects merge in with their surroundings and create an harmonious continuity that is pleasant to look at.

Through this quality they bring balance and subtlety to any kind of interior design. One step closer though and our polished Mini Terrazzo surfaces open up a whole new, colourful and lively world with their unintentional arrangements of aggregates. The impression is like organic structures under the lens of a microscope. There’s not one piece similar to another.

You might think these are just switches and sockets but look closer and meet them face to face. Each chance structure of colorful particles, surface bubbles and blots make up a distinct, unique object with an individual character—with a face.

Minute imperfections and irregularities thus transcend to a source of fascination and remind us at life’s charming and fragile diversity.

Our hand made objects convey all the benefits of crafting one’s own designs: the playfulness of invention, responsible manufacture and the freedom of art.

Concrete used to be an industrial, faceless, brutal thing. Let us show you it’s pretty and playful side! There is a large variety of materials we can add to it such as colour pigments, tiny stones, different kinds of sand and keep on experimenting for good.

Make combinations that delight you.

Our small-scale manufacturing process allows us to create almost anything you wish. Dream up unusual extremes and vivid colors or love the happy medium, keep it classic or like it raw, we deliver.  

We work with the finest, purest materials, and have developed a concrete mixture that is extra strong, durable and safe.

We use ultra-high performance concrete enhanced with metakaolin and infuse all items with a water-repellent agent to make them fluid-safe. It is easy to clean off stains and grease, no matter what you happen to find on your switch.

We like the way the material’s raw and industrial quality is softened by carefully designed fine proportions. Beauty and the rough together make up a discrete elegance with a touch of simple originality that basically suits any kind of aesthetics.