Thanks to the small quantities we need for manufacturing our products, we can afford the luxury of applying the best materials available and pay attention to our ecological footprint, as well. Our mixture contains silicates only—we do not add toxic chemicals to it. We do not use polluting Epoxy, Polyurethane, or any artificial resins.

The high-performance concrete (HPC) we use is supplemented with high-reactivity metakaolin as pozzolan, and enhanced with high-strength, alkali-resistant glass fibre reinforcement to improve tensile strength, that is, control micro-cracking due to drying shrinkage. The result is an extremely strong, durable, and resistant concrete. To achieve a water repellent surface, avoid grease stains or other contamination, as well as make cleaning possible, we apply invisible impregnation on our products.

By adding different pigments to the concrete we can modify its colour and mix up rather natural pastel hues. From time to time we apply a special concrete mix in the production of smaller particles of switches (rocker levers, dimmer knobs) to reach vivid hues. Due to this special formula can compose any bright, vivid colour concrete.

Polishing gives the object a smooth, pebble-like, matte finish, as well as creates a surface we have coined “Mini Terrazzo”. We have already described the aesthetic value of the uniqueness such exposed aggregate surfaces possess due to their individual “mappings”. We may also refer to the playful diversity of “Mini Terrazzo” and its potential for mixing and matching.

Since everything is handmade at Sekhina, we can easily customise our products, be it “Mini Terrazzo”, or any other coloured item.

We have discovered that by adding foam glass sphere aggregate to cement a very light concrete compound can be achieved. It is a simple, additive-free material, fairly eco-friendly too, foam glass is made of recycled glass. Since it is more delicate stuff than our HPC-based extra-strong concrete, we figured it would do pretty well for lamps and large planters, which are currently on their way.

We take great care in choosing the ingredients we use considering their quality, purity, and the amount of energy required for their production. Metakaolin, for example, is the greenest choice of pozzolan today (instead of ground granulated slag, fly ash or silica fume). The impregnating agent we apply does not contain solvents. We use an eco-friendly material. We have achieved to exclude from our concrete mixture all chemical additives except one crucial component, PCE plasticizer, a non-toxic material.

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